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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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and beat them. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> the cia admitted it. >> this is al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. in new york for del walters. take a look at the top stories right now. as waves of refugees arrive in germany and austria, a call from pope francis for the faithful to offer shelter to the people coming to europe. in the week ahead. congress goes back to work rang linwrangling over a possible government shutdown.
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and sending military forces to syria. and running across america for a much greater challenge. europe is facing its worst refugee crisis sidges o since wr ii. germany has dedicated to spend billions of euros in aid to deal with it. refugees seek ago sigh lum, blockaded at the hungarian border, one time only chance at entry. in greece the situation is turning violence. riot police apparently beat refugees, 17,000 waiting for entry to mainland europe. but there aren't enough immigration officials to process
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them. pope francis is asking to help these people who are fleeing from death and war and hunger. john terret is joining us with more. it gets worse and worse every day. >> every day another horror story. the pope treases crowds addressy week from his balcony, in what the catholics call the angeles. he pulled no purchase no punche. pope francis in his weekly address in st. peters square delivered an address, do more for the faithful. >> i appeal to the religious communities, the monasteries and the sanctuaries of all europe
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and tai in one family of take if refugees. >> the poe pope says the vaticas two parishes will tie in a family each. the pope's call to tens of thousands of catholic parishes in europe comes as the number of refugees arriving over land, balkans and mediterranean sea, has hit 350,000 so far this year. vatican says there are 250,000 alone in europe and in other latin american countries. >> other parishes will be encouraged and inspired which what he is saying but there is opposition to this pope. they may be saying well okay this is a nice idea for the holy
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father but actually this is not for the church to sort out, this is for governments. >> pope francis will be in new york, washington and philadelphia at the end of the month. tens of thousands fleeing from war and hunger compels catholics to help those. >> asks us to show toll dater to the smallest and the abandoned and to give them a real hope. >> european refugee crisis is the latest in a series of public interventions by pope francis, from the conflict in the middle east to the israelis and palestinians to ending the issue between the cubans and americans. speeding up for forgiveness after an abortion for those who wish to have forgiveness.
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i think we should expect a lot more than this, he is coming here two weeks from now. we get to see him pretty much face to face. this is his first-ever visit to the united states. never been here before. >> i think you are a bit excited. thanks john. thousands are coming from hungary to austria. from munich, rob reynolds reports. >> destination germany. another train pulls into munich's central station. men women and children tumble out, many have escaped the civil war in syria. even the youngest gets a warm welcome from a volunteer. the refugees appeared weary as they made their way under police escort to a reception area. we asked in arabic how they felt to be in germany. >> translator: thank god, we
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are in a country as developed as germany. >> this woman said she made nearly all the journey on foot. >> i want to -- and i coming to germany to -- to -- then because germany -- >> translator: and she says that she had dreams to stay in germany and to get her end of the life in germany because germany is a land a country of blessing and humanity. >> reporter: volunteers helpedw. >> germany can't do it all william, we need all the help we can get. every step helps. >> european politicians fretted over their next moves.
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german officials meant to streamline rules for refugee shelters. austrian minister said his country's decision to allow thousands of refugees to enter from hungary was only a temporary measure. but germans who turned up at the station seemed happy to see the refugees reach safety and glad that their country had thrown open its doors. >> translator: i have strong feelings about all this. i reached out my hand to one of them and it just made me cry. >> reporter: germans are also helping out by donating essential items. german volunteers say so many people have come forward to offer clothing toys blankets and other items to the refugees that they have to turn away some donations because they just don't have room for them all. just weeks ago during the greek
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debt crisis, germany's approach was thought to be harsh. now they have found th shoarn td their hearts. >> al jazeera's mohammed jamjoom reports from the border between hungary and austria. >> having waited so long, the hospitality almost shocking. >> now i'm feeling i get my freedom. >> just two days ago, adnan was among hundreds of refugees in bicske, hungary. despite their demands the refugees were ultimately rounded
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up and taken to a holding facility. released the next day he and his cousins walked 11 hours to make to it austria. now the man who fled his war ravaged home land of syria a month and a half ago is overwhelmed by the generosity on display. >> we get treatment we get food we get water. actually i like it i like people i like the country. if my family is not front, i swear i will stay here. that from the last but my family is in holland. that's why i'm going >> as medics provided care, volunteers distributed clothes to the cold and toys to the children. all these dozens of refugees here are waiting to get on this next train to vienna. everybody we've spoken with here today in nicholsdorf says it's been so much better than the way
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they were treated in hungary. even here when they get on the train there is a another place they can get water. >> he tells me not about just how proud he is but also how sad he feels. >> it's a great experience and sometimes i feel very small. especially when you see these little babies, yah? i cannot understand the people angry, with little babies who freeze and stay at night in the cold and in rain. yah? this is -- this goes over my understanding. >> reporter: on a day like today, kindness trumped hostility. officers were there to protect, not persecute. as refugees were led onto trains instead of being forced off. desperation for at least a few merciful hours was left behind. mohammed jamjoom, al jazeera,
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nicholsdorf, austria. >> 17,000 refugees on the island of lesbos. people are waiting to get their papers processed before they can continue to mainland europe. but they say the conditions are worse than the wars they are fleeing. al jazeera'al jazeera'sal jazeai drveghts is there. >> stranded sometimes for weeks and growing more vulnerable by
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the day, desperately trying to find answers. >> it's just like this all the time. people come up to you, they don't know what to do where to go how long this is going to last, most of the time we don't know as much as we don't know. >> i give you his number. you ask me. >> others come up to us, begging to find a solution. afghan nacialtion say they have to wait even longer. they have run out of money. >> they ignore us. >> it's especially hard for parents. this syrian who escaped kobani is worried about his children. >> what should we do? i don't have food or milk for them. what do we do for now.
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what's the solution? >> the refugees chec can't checo a hotel even if they had cash. so they set up on any sidewalk around town. lately syrians were taken to this transit camp. living conditions are very poor, little running water and little sanitation. >> in syrian syria we were hit by barrel bombs. we escaped war, this is worse, why are they doing this to us? >> the optimism spills out onto the streets but no matter how hoda abzel hamid, al jazeera.
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>> we should not use the word migrant. migrant is a political word to take away the real status of these people. they are refugees, they are running away from war. they actually like their homes, they are not leaving their homes because they want to live in italy or iermd. ireland. they are leaving their homes because they have no more homes. >> to the race for the white house now and brand-new poll numbers show hillary clinton fading fast. she is now trailing senator bernie sanders by nine points in new hampshire. that is according to the latest nbc maris poll, joe biden is the only other democrat that even rernlings witregisters with 16%.
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if you take biden out of the equation, hillary clinton drops to 9% difference from bernie sanders. colin powell said he had a similar e-mail setup during bush administration. >> i had two machines on my desk. i had a secure state department machine which i used for secure material and i had a laptop that i could use for e-mail. and i would e-mail relatives, friends but i would also e-mail in the department but it was mostly house keeping stuff, what's the status of this, what's going on here. >> powell stopped short of saying whether it was appropriate for clinton to send e-mails from her private account. some of those e-mails contained classified information. one of the leading republican candidates weighed in. john kasich said the war could have been over by now.
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>> we should have been supporting the opposition to assad. this thing could have been over by now. when the united states draws red lines and walks away, it sows confusion and disarray and we see human tragedy unfolding right before our eyes. >> kasich is the sitting governor of ohio. he said ultimately he believes it is a problem that europe has to come to grips with. according to that nbc maris poll governor kasich is in second place in new hampshire. donald trump is the republican lead in new hampshire, making him a target for his biggest republican rivals. >> i think it's very difficult to lead if you don't have the requisite knowledge and i do think it's important to know who our enemies are and the difference between hamas and hezbollah and to know as well that both of them for example are proxies of iran. >> that is former hewlett
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packard ceo carly fiorina. she disagreed with trump and said sh he would get up to speen 24 hours and give the delegation of that task ohis generals. an peal appeal was filed bye kentucky clerk in jail after refusing to file same sex marriage licenses. she is being represented by a florida based christian advocacy group. they contended the ruling was unlawful. issuing marriage licenses to a same sex couple was against her belief.
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guatemalans go to the polls to elect a new president. and the official explanation of what happened to 43 missing mexican students.
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>> the polls are now closed in guatemala after a vote to elect a new president. the country's current president resigned last week and is now being held by guatemalan authorities because of a corruption investigation. vice president biden called them to congratulate them on holding these elections. daniel schwindler joins us from guatemala city. the polls are closed, are we getting any results yet? >> translator: well, we are richelle, i'm in the main center in guatemala city where the votes are being scrutinized.
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, we have had 19% in so far. this is where unless the 14 candidates get more than 50%, the vote will go to a second round on october 25th with the top two candidates. at the moment, the ant antantipoliticspolitician, jimms got something like 25% of the vote so far. it then looks like a battle for second place between the man who lost the election in 2012, manuel baldeson and the former first lady sandra torres. still some way to go before we have clearer results but that's the way things are looking at the moment. >> there are a million guatemalans gives or take who live in the united states, who care about this election, even though they can't vote in it.
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tell us what that means for them? >> well, i think they'll be watching very closely to see what the result of this election might turn out to be. and one of the reasons many of them left was because of the poverty that many of them suffered especially in the rural areas here. there have been problems with drug traffickers, some fleeing that violence, it is a very violent country in many ways. unless the winning candidate emerges from these elections with clear policies on how to tackle these problems. you may well see more guatemalans leaving in direction of the united states. people here in quaw guatemala recognize that is a problem. there is an issue that many living in the united states do send remit answers back to guatemala -- remittances back to guatemala . so yes the guatemalans in the united states are in issue here and what happens in the future
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affects them and obviously affects the guatemalans thinking about moving north. >> daniel schwindler reporting from quawt ma city, than guatem. thank you. being deported from the venezuelan border to cacuta, international bridge that connect colombia and venezuela. venezuelan president nicholas maduro closed the border two weeks ago to crack down on rampant smuggling and paramilitary activities near colombia. an independent report has condemned the mexican government's investigation into the disappearance of 43 students almost a year ago, saying the bodies were not burned to ash on a rubbish dump as the government
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claims. john he hendren reports. >> in the southwestern town of ig waigwala, they killed some ad abducted 43 others. the government had hoped to head off the following wave of mass outrage by drawing a line under the case declaring that the students were killed and their remains winter in this rubbish dump. but now, a much anticipated independent report from international experts has dropped a bombshell. that official version is scientifically impossible. >> the group considers there's no evidence to support the hypotheses that the 43 bodies were burned there. that event as it has been
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described didn't occur. >> investigators don't know where the students are or if they're alive. what is clear is that federal forces and the army were aware and in some cases even witnesses to the atrocities. but did nothing to intervene. despite the had mexican authorities didn't allow the investigators to talk to army witnesses. key video evidence was also destroyed. what's been revealed here is just further evidence for many mexicans that the government investigation into this was deeply flawed and really made little effort into getting to the bottom of this. the students' families have been outspoken about the lack of help to find their loved ones. >> translator: we are going to discover the truth. we will find the students. that's the biggest fear this government has because they know there have been a lot of mistakes. they hope the case will be forgotten. >> reporter: now the many flaws in the government's investigation have been made clear. the experts hope that authorities will take up their suggested lines of inquiry to
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finally work out what happened to the disappeared students. john holman, al jazeera, mexico city. >> the fall agenda is expected to bring out a passion on capitol hill. coming up, the issues facing congress in our week ahead segment. and later, saying farewell to a civil rights icon. >> the murder rate was sky high. >> this guy was the biggest in l.a. >> i was goin' through a million dollars worth of drugs every day - i liked it. it's hard to believe that a friend would set you up. people don't get federal life sentences... and beat them. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> the cia admitted it.
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>> it is sunday night and time to look at the week ahead. congress returns from its summer recess on tuesday. it has a long list on its agenda to tackles. a possible government shutdown the iran nuclear deal and here is lisa stark. >> there is every expectation that congress will pass a measure of disapproval of the iran nuclear deal but president obama has said he will veto that and he has enough democrats in the senate to make sure his veto is not overridden. >> make sure we can put iran years away from being a threshold nuclear state and more closely concentrate on their terrorist activity. so i will be be casting my vote to support the deal and if necessary sustain the
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president's veto. >> lawmakers the first week back will also hold a hearing on funding for planned parenthood. some conservative republicans have threatened to shut down the government unless funds are withheld from that organization. and the witching hour midnight september 30th is when the fiscal year ends that's always a battle. on the agenda for this fall a major highway bill raising the debt ceiling and whether to ease spending limits that congress imposed four years ago. and amidst all this, a historic event. pope francis will address a joint session of congress on september 24th. the first time ever a pope has done so. >> okay, former secretary of state colin powell has weighed in on the iran nuclear issue. speaking to nbc's meet the press he says the deal is a good one and that it will move forward with or without the u.s.
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>> we are in this with a number of other countries. all of the ones that have worked with us, china, russia, germany, france, britain, they have already agreed to it. the british foreign secretary was already in iran last week with a trade delegation. and so even if we were to kill this deal which is not going to happen, it's going to take effect anyway because all of these other countries that were in it with us are going to move forward. the u.n. is going to move forward. >> as for planned parenthood, emotion he are running high around that issue. two days ther ago there was an n attack in washington state. senseless act of violence and pledged support for the organization. marking an historic event by urging pairns turging americansn more.
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jiancarlo, and christine pelosi, daughter of house leader nancy pelosi. thank you both for joining us, we appreciate it. ms. pelosi, i'm going to start with you. your mother nancy pelosi has urged her colleagues to publicly continue to come out and support the iran nuclear deal. do you think that's going to continue to happen? >> absolutely. ms. careyy it's been exciting to see the support from coast to coast across the house democratic caucus. as was just mentioned, members of former republican administration colin powell coming out in support of the deal. the president will have overwhelming support from democrats and some republicans, and the deal will go forward. >> that is pretty much overwhelming support but not
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from all. giancarlo persutti, what do you make of the fact that there have been a few democratic hold outs, is that significant? >> i think it is also significant. i would also mention that it is my understanding that every republican has opposed the deal which speaks volumes, the degree to which there's opposition to what many people believe is a bad deal for the united states and for the world. but to answer your question, i think that it's absolutely a telltale sign that you have a number of not just senate democrats, leading senate democrats, the ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee ben cardon of maryland came out in opposition to this as did menendez and schumer. >> how about the votes, so the
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president doesn't have to worry about override of his veto? >> a maximum of 80% of democrats agree, that's a very strong consensus. i don't think that a handful of opponents of the president's agenda is going to stop this deal as was mentioned. we're already moving forward and our allies are already moving forward and we're looking forward not only for deal going through but to the next step which is a robust package for our ally israel and some of our other allies in the gulf states. and in order to do that you need federal budget and in order to do that the republican congress needs to function. they only have 12 ladies and gentlemen daylegislativedays to. national and international values reflect in our spending priorities, that really is the job of congress and that's where we have to come together regardless of where people stand
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on the deal we have to come together and pass a budget to serve our best interest. >> we'll talk about the budget in just a second. the next republican debate is next week. how much do you think that will be a campaign issue for them, mr. persutti? >> absolutely it is going to be a campaign issue. that underlies -- >> even if the deal is a done deal? >> absolutely. we're talking about obamacare and that's a done deal and we will continue to. christine mentioned the budget resolution, passing the budget needs to get passed by the end of the month. we're still adjudicating that law. to the degree the republicans are opposed to it. i don't think there's the iran deal for quite some time. >> to what degree are the
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republicans opposed to the budget to the degree of another shutdown. >> no, i don't believe -- i hope the republicans won't shut the government down, it hasn't worked well for them politically and i don't think that's the answer. >> there is talk about shutting down the government over planned parenthood. we're hearing a lot about. >> absolutely and i think there are certainly issues for republicans to speak out about, to which they are opposed remeantly in many cases. but i think cooler heads will prevail ultimately and whether we'll pass a new budget or what's called a continuing resolution, i hope republicans have learned their lesson that politically shutting down government is not a winning cause so i don't expect to see that this time. >> ms. pelosi your thoughts. >> i would hope not. ted cruz is running on a premise
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that he's going to shut down planned parenthood. that is what he is talking about doing. it is hard for the average american voter to see, shut down the entire government over funding planned parenthood. but that's what he has vowed to do. and i would also just say that next week at the reagan library it's ironic that the republicans are going to be debating at the reagan library named for the president who not only made deals with the quote unquote evil empire of the soviet union but also the president who supported amnesty when it came to immigration reform. i doubt that ronald reagan could get nominated for president in 2016 by this moderate republican party. it's unfortunate that's where republicans tell us they're headed. until they shut down the government, until they show us otherwise, we're going ohave to ask the american people to step
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in and give this adult supervision when it comes to the republican party. >> mr. peresutti you want to respond? >> yes. the democrats in congress and i would argue the country at large a lot to be unhappy about. it is not bad thing that republican rhetoric is where it is on -- >> you are going to a democratic congress for the republicans wanting to shut down planned parenthood? i don't see how that follows. >> i'm not blaming anyone. what is said in the heat of a presidential campaign and what has reality of actually becoming true as you know are two very different things. but the planned parenthood issue is one that's insensed a lot of americans and i think congress has oduty and obligation to voice the frustration and the concerns that a lot of americans have about what that organization has done. if it's worth shutting down -- >> wait a minute. over 70% of americans support
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planned parenthood. it has higher approval ratings than any plosion in th politicie country. we shouldn't go to the point of shutting down the entire government because a minority as a minority don't like planned parenthood. >> do you think that 70% of americans approve of the sale of body parts that were being discussed on that tape? does that number hold? >> i think the tapes have been shown to be doctored. in terms of medical research i think if we are going to say you're now going to shut down the entire government because you believe the a bunch of ambush videotapes over the good work that planned parenthood does for millions of americans, providing essential health care services, i think that's a depaid that the republicans are going to lose -- a debate the republicans are going to lose and the democrats have to win
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that one. >> we'll have to leech it at that. the summer recess is over in tuesday. we'll have to pick up some of these debaits in the coming weeks, i think pretty much none of us want that. thank you both for joining us. syria may have a new ally on the ground supporting their fight. coming up next, report that russian troops are fighting to support syrian president assad. plus a blunt warning, u.n, says that suffering men and women are facing daily.
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>> syrian activists have released video they say shows russian troops helping syrian government. reconnaissance photos apparently show the build up of troops near latakia province. natasha guinane reports. >> if it goes alongside russian troops to help syrian deposit,
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that goes too far. >> it's too early to talk about the readiness of the most of the deployed forces on the ground. won't be justified in the eyes of public opinion in moscow. >> these photos circulated on social media in recent days, russia is planting itself more firmly on the ground in syria. >> it is no doubt are that that there are russian military experts in syria. security forces russian naval forces and russian mercenaries fighting side by side with assad. >> russian president veufnt denievladimirputin denies that g troops to syria. but secretary of state john kerry told him lending troops would hamper fight against
11:45 pm
i.s.i.l. >> made to put pressure on west and the gulf countries to accept putin's plan for an international collision against i.s.i.l. and for assad. >> critics find putin's denial hollow. requesting permission from syria's neighbors to allow russian military cargo planes to fly in their air space. in more than four years of civil war, russia has made one thing very clear. it will continue to be a staunch ally of president assad. natasha guinane, al jazeera. >> in turkey, kurdish fighters from the outlawed pkk ambushed an army convoy. the pkk has claimed to have killed 15 sol years engineers. turkish president recep tayyip erdogan has prompted a response to the attack and their fight
11:46 pm
will continue until the pkk withdraw from turkey. >> witnesses say a strike damaged a school, embassies and restaurants. 17 people including students were injured. the coalition backed by the united states has been conducting air strikes in yemen since march. the iraqi military sent four brand-new f-16 war planes into action against i.s.i.l. this weekend. the fighter jets are fresh in the united states, i.s.i.l. is suspected of launching a series of ground attacks in and around baghdad, that killed at least 11 civilians and wounded another 28. further north, i.s.i.l. has the city of haditha surrounded. fighting for control with the iraqi military at least two months now. officials have so far managed to hold on to power but the people
11:47 pm
who live there have e-are barely surviving. zeina khodr has the story. >> this is the only way to reach haditha. this air base in nearby eld baghdadi is the only life line. haditha is surrounded by i.s.i.l. fighters. the armed group has repeatedly launched offensives to capture one of the last remaining populations in anbar province that haven't fallen to them. one sack of flower costs around $900, most of the time we sleep without eating because we can't afford to buy food. >> these people are poor.
11:48 pm
they prefer to stay in their homes than be displaced by war. life here however hasn't been easy. >> we are thankful for aid but with the lack of electricity we ask the government to help us. >> reporter: haditha has long been a target for i.s.i.l. surrounded by desert it hasn't been easy to defend this town. in one attack i.s.i.l. used 39 suicide car bombings. >> i.s.i.l. has still not been able to enter and establish a foothold in the region. >> reporter: the road is an important supply line but it has been vulnerable to attacks. links the air base to one of the most important structures. the haditha dam is the second largest in the country. it could be used as a weapon of war if i.s.i.l. decides to open its gates and flood neighboring areas. whether the area was at risk of falling in september the u.s.
11:49 pm
expanded its air campaign against i.s.i.l. since then u.s. assistance has been one of the main reasons i.s.i.l. hasn't been able to capture haditha and its dam. the area is close to the ayn el assad air base, u.s. air cover has so far allowed iraqi forces and local sunni fighters to hold haditha but for now the ground troops are in no position to take on this area as a staging area for fight against i.s.i.l. zeina khodr, baghdad. >> four years after a horrible famine, somalia,.
11:50 pm
>> half of the victims were under the age of five. but weakened by 20 years of civil war, and by rampant lawlessness in some regions the country is facing a new danger. the u.n.'s latest report warns that hundreds of thousands of people are still now reliant on emergency aid and the situation is actually deteriorating. >> malnutrition continues to be pervasive and the situation is currently getting worse. mall flis fliks rates are nutrig to be worse. >> concern has been raised because somalia is predicted to suffer severe flooding as part of el nino. protection is underway. >> one is to minimize the extent
11:51 pm
of flooding, there's a lot of work going on as we speak, along shebali river, to reinforce river banks et cetera, to put sandbags, et cetera. that will reduce the amount of flooding that actually takes place. >> reporter: the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance continues to fluctuate around 3 million. the majorities of them are internally displaced persons. nearly 215,000 children aged under five are acutely malnourished. 40,000 classed as severely malnourished. emma hayward, al jazeera. >> let's turn to kevin corriveau for weather on this holiday weekend. >> just on the other side of birmingham, this was hughietown,
11:52 pm
and they had a microburst. didn't have too to be that big, but downward vertical winds, they are now cleaning up we're still seeing a few showers across the region. but tonight, one of the places that we're seeing some of the worst thunderstorms are across the northern plains. i want to take you there right now and show you the radar summary. because right here, pushing across parts of wisconsin, we do have severe thunderstorm watches that are in effect and with those we are seeing some flooding with those -- something of those heavier thunderstorms and they are pushing through parts of wise a iowa as well. one of the reasons we're seeing this is because of the very warm weather down here towards the south. right now temperatures have cooled down but further south into texas, it is still 91° this hour across that area. oklahoma seeing 85 and wichita
11:53 pm
seeing about 86°. where we are seeing some cooler weather is up towards the northwest. that is a relief with the fires in that area. seattle 59° but those temperatures are going to be dropping in the overnight hours. actually, we do have some frost advisors and freeze warnings for parts of oregon, california as well as into nevada. a little bit further to the east though, red flag warnings that are in effect for parts of wyoming with very low humidity and very gusty winds across the region there. tomorrow morning boise 48, higher elevations we are seeing those temperatures right at about freezing for them. tomorrow is of course a very busy day for traveling. take a rook at this, we do have expect to see very much activity, chicago could see delays at the airport, especially later on in the afternoon and severe weather is going to be a big problem. back to you. >> kevin thank you. there was a final farewell
11:54 pm
today for an icon of the civil rights movement. caiferactivist amelia boynton rn was laid to rest. hundreds gathered at funeral services in cel cell selma. she later became the first black woman to run for congress in alabama. she was thought to be 104 years old when she died. there she is right there. we'll be right back.
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>> i've been asked to keep my voice down
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>> ultraplayer on thisser richard donovan of ireland, is getting ready to walk across the continent of antarctica, a journey of several thousand miles. but he decided to warm up with a run across the united states. >> richard donovan may look like any other runner setting out for a morning jog but this is the beginning of the end for donovan, it started in san francisco on may 19th. he traveled through 12 states to get to this point. that's 3200 miles or 5100 kilometers. >> you know the challenge to run across some continent, and america for me is the continent to run across. and you know i wanted to embrace all the epic scenery that
11:58 pm
america has. >> that included running over the rocky mountains as well as through deserts. donovan organizes extreme running events for a living, giving the irishman the time and money needed to make this self-funded trip. >> this morning he was joined by heather carr including his brother, who drove the support vehicle. >> there is no support except run all the way. we start the exact same spot the next day. >> doctors insisted he tai a few breaks to give some severe blisters chance to heal. this is the very last leg of a journey that began more than three months ago. sure there were pauses along the way to recover for injuries. still, donovan averaged 35 miles a day, that's 56 kilometers, more than a marathon a day for days on end.
11:59 pm
he crossed the finish line with alvin platt neus, matthews, a r who was paralyzed in a fall. he helped to raise money on his behalf. >> i had a little bit of doubt in the first month when he had to stop for a couple days because he had really bad blisters. and i asked him if he was going to still be able to finish and he, couldn't believe that i asked him. like well of course i am! >> donovan claims ultra-running is about mental strength more than physical. >> how you feeling? >> bit of relief i guess. >> what are you going to do next? >> i think i'm from ireland, the answer to that is obvious, going to have a beer. >> clearly he was up to the challenge. kristin saloomey, al jazeera, new york. >> a gorilla baby boom.
12:00 am
a record 24 baby mountain grill lasgorillas have been born this year. they are adorable. richelle carey new york, thank you for joining us. "third rail" is next keep it here. tonight, silicon valley is a intertonight, silicon valley is a major growth engine for the u.s. economy. some say it represents the future but does it come at a price? is the tech industry harming u.s. workers? and later in our panel, racial stereotypes is conforming and demeaning but some say it's helped them, are they right? >> and police have agreed to wear body


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